Surrendering To your Present Circumstances But Not Giving Up.

We all wake up sometimes feeling like we haven’t done enough or we haven’t reached certain check points as quickly as we would have like to but the beauty in these moments, I believe, is that we are being taught to slow down. If we consistently rush through experiences how can we truly grasp every lesson that is put before us, how can we learn from one another if we are attempting to speed walk through life’s cycles.

Take the time to praise yourself and acknowledge how much you have progressed and be grateful that you have been dedicated and disciplined enough to continue practicing self growth. In the moments when you can’t see clearly, learn to ground yourself and work on self reflection. Write down the things you wish to change and make the effort to put particular steps into practice. Embrace who you truly are, one day at a time, one step at a time and eventually you will be shaping your path, taking your life into your own hands and developing your mental strength.

We live in a society so wrapped up in the physical we often forget, how much work is required to continuously and consistently pay attention to your internal voice, that inner critique that has grown out of control through lack of monitoring.

When the road seems tough, persevere!

When you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, believe in yourself with all of your might.

Never give up. Rest often, start developing your relationship with SELF and become attuned to what you are feeling, become familiar with sensations that arise within in you and dedicate the time required to mastering self. Develop a deep understanding of who you are and let go of fear when showing yourself to the world.

We all hold magic within us, we bring something to this world, a unique attribute and we all have the opportunity to inspire others.

Do something today, differently to what you done yesterday and remember it’s ok to surrender to yourself, it’s ok to surrender to how you feel but do not give up!

Affirmation: Today, I surrender to all that I am feeling and I have faith in my journey. I surrender to being present in this moment and I choose not to give up.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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