It’s sad when I look around and I see how we’re killing ourselves, trying to cover all that we feel inside. Our own negativity swarms like a stampede in our minds, all because we’re scared to stand still, all because we think that we don’t have time, can’t stand to dig deep and be real. Because that’s not normal, that’s not what’s around, like sheep we flock towards desires untold, crippling bounds.

Who am I?

Who are you?

Do you see me like I see you?

Can you hear me?

Lost in the covers we choose to hide, day by day, we carry our children through our tainted maze.

What’s the solution?

Live better, speak better, nurture love, nurture growth, let all you believe you desire, go.

If you send your words to the universe in due course you will receive a reply but if you can’t work beyond your bad habits, then to your treat you will be blind.

Today I choose to be open. Today humble and grateful I stand, no longer do I desire the unnecessary, no longer will I use my exterior as a brand.

Wherever you are today make a wish and say it aloud, for your thoughts are your greatest possessions, and your own love is all you need now. LD LORE

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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