Relearning Patience With Self.

How patient are you with your self?

If you’re fortunate enough to be aware of things you have been choosing to enact badly, now is the opportunity to relearn patience with SELF.

Take your time when overcoming your obstacles, to evaluate how you can be greater and be gentle with yourself when at first, you habitually repeat something you sent intentions out to eradicate.

When you choose to learn, you choose to grow. Growth is not gentle. Growth is harsh and sharp but through growth you gain many victories. Growth is not easy nor could it be. Growth takes a divine level of commitment and discipline, passionate self love and absolute vulnerability. This is where developing patience with self is of most importance. Self talk of a negative nature, whether you deem it light or without intention, bears weight therefore it is extremely important to nurture patience with self which can be done by changing your narrative and language. For example saying, “That didn’t work out how intended, I will try again tomorrow,” instead of, “I can’t do this, I’m not good enough, why am I bothering?” The change of dynamic in the language you use to guide yourself is crucial to your self development. Instead of condoning yourself for your habitual repetition with negative feedback, try acknowledging how great it is that you are able to catch yourself in action. Now you are aware and paying attention you can slowly go about making a change, one step at a time and be grateful to have reached this level of self awareness. In being patient with yourself, you give yourself permission to make mistakes, to learn from your mistakes and to grow from your mistakes.

M I S T A K E = Miss + Take.

You mistook something for truth and you have the ability to rectify your misguided actions with patience and forgiveness, as it takes a high level of patience to forgive. Learn to re-channel the way you think and always aim to approach yourself with patience, affording yourself the gentleness that one would use to teach a child.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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