Those Who Continue To Be Trapped Within The Ego, Will Never Set Human Kind Free.

Read That Again.

What did you do with your time today, what did you do with your day? Have you basked in the beauty of outside or hidden yourself away?

See if you have lost your purpose, you most likely continued down the latter path. For its safe there and you know it, nothing scary can come from that path. Except that when you live there quite heavily, it becomes harder to get back. Could you find your purpose, remember that beam of light.

That used to shine so brightly, like a star in the night.

Your true purpose will guide you, it will never let you down but should you choose not to listen, one day it will no longer be around. You spent so long neglecting it, so long never giving it space, too wrapped up in this cold, cold world to remember you too, hold an important space.

Take vast steps but slowly there are no winners of life’s race, just focus on your goals so readily, that they start to form shapes. Shapes of new adventures, the joys of a world untold and forever remember your purpose or you will lose your soul.

Sending Light And Love, ALWAYS x

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