Self Belief

Do you realise the importance in this?

It doesn’t matter who is by your side if you aren’t truly by your own side. Do you grasp the magnitude of your own power? Do you believe in yourself?

As creatures of habit, in the early stages of changing our ways we repeat things, even though we know we no longer want to. At first this is out of comfort then out of ease until finally, finally you do something one more time and on that occasion every part of your being screams ‘I don’t want this any more/ that is no longer for me.’ This is where self-belief comes in because now you believe yourself, now you have repeated this habit enough times to honestly stand up and say you have no reason to return to that now. The joy this will bring is immense, you just have to trust yourself and let go. This journey isn’t easy however it is worth it. You are worth it!

Pay close attention to what uplifts you and what doesn’t especially if the mood lingers and you find you’re not right, days after the repetition of said bad habit.

Becoming who you are is going to cost you who you’ve been and what awaits you no one can prevent, it’s all about you mustering the courage to get out of your own way.

Do right by you and you will be greatly rewarded, not materialistically but full of an internal wealth stronger than anything you have ever known. Stand up for yourself, be who you say you are and always do what you say you will. Character is astounding when nurtured correctly!

Don’t be too hard on yourself for making mistakes, know exactly that – it was a mistake to remind you, that continues to remind you that you want better for yourself and you are working hard on building a better you, for yourself! This is your life, you get to take the lead and you are the star as long as you believe you are.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

P.s share with someone you know needs a little encouragement to believe in the beauty of who they are.

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