This week I feel my journey has led me to focus on my own Self-Awareness. Noticing when I’m out of tune with myself and paying attention to when I am allowing my mind to lead me down a path of assumptions, with no facts and no slow motion button giving me the opportunity to pause – unless I catch myself and pay attention.

Self-Awareness is important.

Today I’ve been fortunate enough to catch myself, spiralling into thoughts that deserve no attention yet before I knew it I was caught in believing in these thoughts because I didn’t stop to think 1. Is this correct? 2. Do I believe this? 3. Has this actually happened?

Your thoughts are seeds and if you aren’t careful these seeds will grow. Your words are power and have meaning even if said with no intention.

Feelings don’t lie which is why it’s always good to pay attention to what you’re feeling when you are thinking as well as how you feel around others. Are you uplifted or do you feel drained when in the presence of certain individuals? It’s important to be able to recognise this, not only because you’re developing your self-awareness radar but because this is detrimental to your mental health. If you are unable to acknowledge why you feel depleted or what arouses this feeling, it’s time to pay greater attention.

To build self-awareness regularly check in with yourself, if a feeling arises, let it in and let it pass. Feel free to question yourself for example: what was it that made me feel this way? Why did I behave like that? These are probing questions that initially you may want to avoid but that’s the beauty of self-awareness, you aren’t trying to avoid anything and in particular you aren’t trying to avoid your amazing self!

I hope you’re enjoying your journey and remember self-awareness includes being kind to yourself, especially on the hard days but most importantly everyday. Self-awareness is acknowledging the need to say good things to ourselves and to have compassion for others.

I want to finish with this quote which I am fond of, that was sent by a dear friend.

“To know and not to do is not yet to know.” – Buddhist proverb.

Sending light and love, Always x

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