I Surrender – Surrender, not give up.

You are just merely saying you accept this moment as it is and you are committed to working through what you are currently going through, what you are currently experiencing. Allowing both light and dark emotions to flow through you, instead of stopping them in their tracks, to prevent from over indulging in them just sit with them, where you’re at and let it be.

We must accept in order to progress mistakes are necessary, mistakes are important lessons. Don’t allow your gentleness to provoke negative stigma, your gentleness is a gift. You are Power!

The greatest gift you can give to you, is to go on a journey of discovery of Self and still muster the courage to love yourself even the parts of you, you despise to see and forgive yourself, own your decisions, mistakes, thoughtless choices, own your pain and the times you experienced great happiness. Happiness and deep, abundant self-love is the aim of this conquest. If you fear your own greatness, now is the time to start loving you.

Self-forgiveness is hard, you’ll doubt everything you have ever known and question if every incident that took place, that led you to this moment, was a cause all of your own. The joy from this is the anger drops away, you can happily sit back and acknowledge that there has been a lot more going on, that just wasn’t on display. Can you say it loudly and mean it from within, today is the day you forgive yourself for thinking you didn’t fit in. For thinking your uniqueness spoiled you and made you less than enough, for carrying all your battle scars in a way that demonstrated that you had given up. Take this moment of forgiveness and softly tuck it away, you might keep this locked up somewhere to savour for a rainy day.

Self-forgiveness is hard but who you meet on the other side, you will greet with great compassion and great pride. For your vision of you is no longer blurry, your smile shining bright, knowing you’re smiling from your child like heart tucked deep away on the inside.

Run with self-forgiveness, you might catch a falling star and know where ever this life may take you, your own strength is not to far.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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