Today has been a plethora of emotions and a true test of my Self-discipline.

Surprisingly the energy whilst interacting with others throughout the day has been extremely calm almost peaceful but under my surface, there’s hormones, emotional trajectories and a constant effort, which I’m thrilled to be putting in, to be mindful, walk with compassion and in trying times remember to pause and breath.

SELF is very important to me at the moment. Analysing oneself, paying attention to ones thoughts and reassessing ones immediate behaviour because quite frankly what worked just doesn’t work any more and this is fantastic but scary. New ground is always scary but I am here willing to embrace it. I want to leap in to this new cycle of deep self-love and bask in this beautiful energy that I haven’t felt in such a long time. I see things so enchantingly now, things that had lost colour are now bright and I feel again, I feel love, a pure genuine love for life and most important for myself.

We are so important, powerful and magnificent and I pray I never lose sight of this again. Our uniqueness and individuality is so special yet our need for connection, togetherness and longing to share our lives, ourselves with those who meet us on a similar level is truly spectacular. We don’t give ourselves enough credit.

How many years have you been beating yourself up because you’ve told yourself you’re not good enough? Right now. STOP.

How long has it been since you we’re able to speak kindly to yourself and mean it? Right now, say something nice.

If you would only give yourself a chance you can see the light on the other side and aim higher. Your vibration attracts all you need, all you desire.

We take for granted the things that we would do well to cherish, like being able to articulate what we want and what we don’t want, what we like and what we don’t like, how we feel and how we don’t feel. We neglect the important time spent with friends where we can see them with all their beauty and magnificence, talking animatedly about their lives. Compliments we should have said to strangers but were too scared – which is so sad because that one thing could make someone’s day.

So often we get caught in our own negative whirlpool of SELF that we can’t see how much of an impact we actually have on our circumstances and the impact we have on others. It’s time, to have faith and understanding in the fact that what we plant must grow. Good intentions shape your path and we must acknowledge the importance of honest, heartfelt communication as a necessity in society.

Today I boarded a train from Peckham Rye station, the 17:47 to Dartford, it was particularly slow and continued to stop and start throughout the beginning of the journey. The air on train was of aggravation, everyone wanted to get home and then someone exclaimed something along the lines of “Theres’s a man having a fit here, can anyone help.”

My immediate reaction was hesitant, you want to help but aren’t sure how, you think you could do something but are fearful and initially I looked to google whilst fortunately another gentleman quickly rushed to the mans aid, to lay him in recovery position. As the minutes pasted and the adrenaline rush takes over, I too walk over to take off my coat to provide cushioning for the mans head. At this point a few of us where very hands on and many others we’re doing there part. And for a moment amidst the fear, I realised just how extraordinary we can be, how compassionate of us to rush to a complete strangers aid but what shocked me most was that I cared. I cared for this man, a complete strangers safety, I wanted to assist and ensure he would be alright. It was such a profound and beautiful moment yet so scary especially for the gentleman who it was happening to. To have very little control over oneself must be very frightening no matter how many occurrences have taken place. In this moment it makes you acknowledge the importance of telling someone what you are doing with their body regardless of whether they can speak with you or not because it’s still their body. The importance of letting someone know you are going to loosen their clothes or wipe their mouth – how we take communication for granted. The gentleman came about and once the train stopped the ambulance arrived and eventually we dispersed. It was strange, part of me wanted to high five everyone for doing such an amazing thing yet there’s another part that is quick to remind you that you’re strangers and now it’s back to normal like nothing happened. And quite literally that was exactly how it was. And so, if any chance at all, any of the other passengers read this – I want you to know how beautiful that interaction was and to say well done for having the guts and doing the right thing.

We overlook so many small details every single day so how about we focus on changing that. Let’s give that stranger the compliment, let’s discuss the things that happen to us and try harder to embrace one another. Remember everything that happens is a lesson so is everyone you meet.

Sending you light and love, ALWAYS x

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