How often do you find yourself forcefully pushing towards something because you’ve decided this is the action you need to take? Then you find you aren’t enjoying the journey and aren’t driven by this idea or task that you’ve held on a pedestal.

It seemed great initially because in your mind it meant you would have more money, it would boost your career prospects, it would get you noticed, you would feel happier. But on reflection you didn’t asses the time it would take and underestimated the lack of joy you’d face by forcing something you chose out of survival, out of a lack of belief in yourself. You’ve taken a path that others deemed right, you forgo your dreams and followed the paved road and now you are at a loss. You’ve lost yourself in many ways and aren’t quite able to remember what it is you were striving for.

This is a perfect opportunity to S U R R E N D E R.

Surrender = Stop Resisting.

Take a moment of today to just be still, listen to your thoughts and let them go. Free yourself of worry and just be, just for one moment today. In doing this I hope you can feel what it is you really need, if anything at all. We tend to spend so long looking ahead or unfortunately behind, that we don’t grasp the beauty of now and in doing so we ruin the great moment of today.

Slow down, breath deep, give someone a compliment, give yourself a compliment – be kind. Operate from a space of compassion and understand that everyone is operating from their level of perception and REMEMBER kindness goes a long way. Rid yourself of expectation. Surrender to the here and now, explore your feelings, your reality, no matter how uncomfortable. You’ll thank yourself later.

Remember you are not giving up. I am not asking you to give up but I am asking you to understand that surrendering today is making peace with yourself for an easier tomorrow. For the life you yearn for IS within your reach as long as you can master your mind and acknowledge that learning to stop resisting is a powerful tool that can guide you.

Surrender today, for you know not what blessings await you tomorrow. LD Lore 3.3.19

Sending light & love, ALWAYS x

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