Tragic as it may, guilt has a way of showing you all that needs to unfold.

In the lies that are told, to cover your soul, the truth always comes out to play.

You mustn’t let it stay, it too shall pass and go away, as long as you choose not to live there.

If only you could see on the other side of thee, your magnificence and all you have to share… Because really you are rare!

Little do you know it but I promise you show it, your guilt you mustn’t hold on to so tightly.

For it makes you grasp for air even though you say you don’t care and gently it takes away your hope.

Guilt is a slippery slope. It creeps in when you shy away, quickly ruins your day and before you know it, you’re a shadow of a shell of someone who once seemed sun soaked.

Rid guilt from your hair, shake it off like it wasn’t there, nows the time to fight for every desire and dream you dared to harbour.

Make way for the unknown, remind guilt it has no home and renew your hearts defences with loving armour.

G U I L T, I release you.

Set great intentions for today, be inspired by everything and make it a great day.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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