What Do You Love?

What is it you love, that your soul is passionate about, that sets your mind alight with ideas, that makes your body pulsate? What do you love?

Do you know who you are, do you remember who you were before you were told how to be, how to act, what to say, when to say it? Do you remember the passion you had for life as a child, the love you were freely and willing able to give to your friends? Do you remember?

I had the opportunity yesterday evening to spend true quality, uninterrupted time with a dear loved one and I arose this morning ready to share love and take on the world. Grateful for the beauty of vulnerability and its pain. Have you stopped growing? Are you a hindrance to your own life because you continue to allow societal constructs to define who you are. YOU ARE POWER!

You were created to bring something to this world and to help others grow beyond society’s deep rooted oppression. Your mission may not be large scale but one, kind, meaningful gesture a day makes a difference and you must acknowledge this especially if you are unable to see the reward. Let us not be lead by greed into thinking we must always reap physical rewards, for what we do or gain immediate gratification. You must trust that in spreading good, you enable good to grow. EVERYTHING TAKES TIME!

I applaud you today to stop rushing, stop focusing on everything and everyone but yourself. You are too important to be overlooked, too powerful to be mediocre. Take the time to remember who you are and allow yourself to renew, recharge and embrace the characteristics of yourself that you work so hard to hide. Who are you hiding from?

Lets assist one another in growing and strengthening our communities, one step at a time, one person at a time. You are meant to feel happy, I’m not talking hysterically off the walls happy, the kind of happiness you have no control over, I’m talking grounded happy where you hold balance closely to your heart and you check in, to ensure you are operating from a place of peace, not being discordantly reactive for the sake of reacting.

Do you like you? If not why not? Stop avoiding yourself and do the work. This is the one journey with YOURSELF, that you CAN wholeheartedly assist YOURSELF to rectify your negative self-beliefs and it’s not going to be easy. It will be ugly and painful and you will not like what arises but it will be worth it- YOU are worth it! As the saying goes nothing easy is worth having and I’m sure you’ve been struck with the understanding of this concept on many occasions. How fulfilling have the easy moments ever been?

Love yourself enough to give yourself the time you deserve to evolve, the past has passed but if the pain still remains, give yourself permission to let this go, let go of what no longer serves you. You deserve this! You deserve to actualise your greatness! #GetYours

Today’s Mantra, say it loud and say it proud: I Am Alive With Love.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x


  1. This has made me feel happy and hopeful just reading it. I’m happy that people like you take the time to try and help others and I’m hopeful that I can make some changes towards inner peace and happiness. If I ever feel discouraged, reading this again will help me. Thank you!

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