Are YOU enjoying YOUR journey?

Did you wake today feeling alive and ready to take on what ever obstacle the world throws your way or quite the opposite? Where you reluctant to rise? Did you take the time to check in just to listen to how you are feeling and then analyse why you are feeling that way?

Do you now how precious you are and that this journey, YOUR journey, can truly become what you make it, if you take charge. Throw out all of your excuses and all the reasons as to why you can’t make something happen. The difference that can be made through every step, comes from choice and learning that when you embrace the choice most opposed to your sincerest desire, you don’t attack yourself for it instead take ownership of this choice in this moment and recognise that it no longer serves you. Ask yourself, was this choice made out of familiarity because it used to work for me?

Have you sent yourself love today, said thank you for rising, showered yourself with compliments?

Today is a part of your journey. Whether you choose to relax or be extremely active, pay attention to your choices and work through what doesn’t feel right and acknowledge and praise yourself for what does. Be gentle with yourself. Learn to incorporate good habits into your journey even when you feel strange to yourself, this is when you know you are flourishing on an internal level, for old habits no longer feel like home and are no longer desirable.

Remember, you are in charge of your journey, you have the power to take charge of your mind and create a magnificent life, a life you love that isn’t dictated by materialistic value or self-hatred. Grasp life by the hands and #GetYours.


Here are a two articles I read this week that I found interesting and wanted to share: 1. 2.

Enjoy your time today, embrace YOU today and keep cultivating a deep honest love of self.

Sending you light and love, ALWAYS X

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