I Can’t Quite Describe..

Today I have awoke with this feeling that I just can’t seem to shake, I don’t know what you are. As I flutter through thoughts of a positive nature and the desire to actively partake in the day and ensure I’m productive, I struggle with this low feeling that seems to be sitting in my chest.

I’m not sad but I’m not happy, I’m not unhappy but I’m not upset, is this familiar? Do you ever feel like even though you are doing everything to push yourself in the right direction, the direction you chose, the direction with the greatest outcome or so you believe, that something just doesn’t feel right or there’s something missing and yet I can’t fathom what this missing thing is.

Am I consumed with the fantasy of love from another? That being loved by another would make me whole and although I know this isn’t true, I still yearn for it. That as much as I believe I am readily loving myself I can’t help but to look for something from another and whats sad, is when I know I should respect myself more or accept the limits of what another wishes to give me, I don’t quite feel strong enough or good enough or brave enough to stop trying because there’s always this glimmer of hope provoking me to try a little harder or change my way of behaving, anything that subtly reminds me that something is my fault and I need to be better.

To hell with this feeling and I set my intention to move forward with my day with a strong reminder:

Do not allow the power of your fears to enable you to remain in the confinement of fears chains. Be brave, for not knowing is a woman’s boldest enemy, not knowing will prevent you from excelling. So embrace what you don’t know and any insecurities that present themselves to you. You MUST grow through what you go through and live in the present moment. If life is moving slowly embrace it, if life is throwing you feelings you’re unsure of sit with them, take the time to delve deep into what you are trying to tell yourself. Be driven by the unknown, for what is known now was once unknown to many, for what we cannot foresee we must be willing to create and work outside of our comfort zones.

You have to believe your life is important, YOU are important! If there is one thing you can do for yourself today reiterate this.

Sending you love and Light, Always x

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