** Grand Rising **

To all, with love.

In a world that constantly tells you, you aren’t good enough, hold true that you are as good enough now as you have ever been, as you will ever be. Hold in mind today and every other day that you are power. What you believe you can achieve – set goals, monitor your choices, ensuring every action you take is purposefully pushing you in the direction of YOUR choice. I know this is hard but being conscious of our behaviour, of our choices and daily decisions will allow us to see what areas of our life require attention.

What areas of your life have you been intentionally avoiding?

Healing is both joyful and painful but you must know you are deserving of the greatness that is available to you, if you are willing to do the work. Be happy but remember you must take the lows with the highs, keep persevering, do what you need to, refrain from wasting time, give yourself love in the same way you would share love with another. Be BRAVE, refrain from allowing fear to lead you down an unnecessary path.

Today try and remember your purpose, take the time to connect to your breath and although obstacles will arise practice actively operating from a level that nurtures your truest self.

Sending light and love, Always x

8> Love Thyself ❤

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